Argan Oil: My full hair recovery

Argan Oil: My full hair recovery I wanted to share with you something which could really help everyone who has noticed some problems with his/her hair or want it to be healthier and shinier. Now, I have a lot of wavy hair which gets really frizzy, and on the top of that, I even put highlights on it. Discolouration, weather condition or even stress affects 100% the hair texture making it fragile, and if we even add blowdrying, (the most terrifying torture for hair) flat-ironing, different hair styling like teasing, this will increase the possibility of split ends and breakage. I think hair is what mostly frame our face and appearance, you can do a natural makeup or just wear a mascara and a lipstick but if you have nice healthy and shining hair this will complement everything. Argan Oil: My full hair recovery I have always been sceptical about advertisements of expensive hair products full of silicons and other nasty things promising “ miracles” to your hair. It is me who know my hair better than everyone else, so I read a lot about hair complexion and content. Basically, frizzy hair or curly hair are categorised as dry hair and the fact that it is dry, in a wet environment it absorbs all the oils it is missing, that is why we end up looking like angry lions every time this happpens. So I thought I should give my hair what it is asking me; oils, due to this I decided to try Coconut and Argan Oil, both 100% certified organic oils. I can confidently say that between the two, Argan Oil worked the best for me, as Coconut Oil left my hair a bit dry and dull after the second day of washing it. The Argan Oil I use is 100% certified organic, and I strongly recommend the cold pressed and unroasted one, similar to what you would choose for a cooking extra virgin olive oil. Its is full of vitamin E and antioxidants which “naturally” help your hair maintain their beauty without creating the fake siliconic outward appearance which is deliberately false and then chemically damage it afterwards. Now, to be honest, I love everything about this oil apart the smell which is ( a bit funny but maybe someone may find it quite pleasant) so I apply 4-5 pumps on my hand and apply it on my hair before washing, tie my hair in a comfortable bun and wash it with a 0% silicon shampoo 30-40 min afterwards. It is light weighted and have an instant absorption and it can also give intensive hydration to your skin, hands,nails. I am doing this, everytime I wash my hair and I am loving it because it is a very effective process for my hair recovery, perfect for a person who like me is a bit lazy and have very little time to make the 3 hours homemade masks. Argan Oil has completely helped my hair regain the healthy beauty I really missed for so long without spending a lot of money. If you decide to give it a go, let me know what you think! ps. I have noticed that now my hair responds very different to wet weather as they are very disciplined and not frizzy. Yeaahh



  1. I ❤ argan oil too. Like you, I've got wavy, somewhat difficult hair and it really does wonders to it- unlike all those expensive products!


    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and the very nice words. I love argan oil it does wonders to my hair! 🙂
      Best wishes,


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