How to avoid pulling your colleague’s hair!


Ok, lets deal with  a problem which I think everyone   faces everyday at work with colleagues or  better to say people you are obliged to work together. When  you first  start working, the first days it feels like you have found the best job in the world, everyone is kind, helpful and ready to give advises. After the first 5 months there is always someone who tries to warn you about “someone who is  trying make a good impression but not able to answer even on the phone”.  As soon as you start  feeling comfortable on your job, there is always going to be someone trying to give you some “advises” which to you sound more like hidden critics just to make you more insecure than ever. Why can’t just people accept that the world is a big place where everyone is special because is different and that difference makes it not boring.

You have been working for at least 1 year so far and you know  really well everyone working with you, you know who is the funniest, the most helpful, who is your friend, who is the best boss, and on the other hand who is the most incompetent, the best “lick-….se”, the angriest but none can compare to the  worst colleagues of all, the  one filled with envy. I have always been “lucky” to have had to work with these people who don’t do anything else but  trying to find the slightest error you do at work to emphasize it and make you feel like you don’t belong there. You have to face with your assignments at work  and these insecure people  everyday, which makes you feel stressed and psychologically tired. You have studied a lot, have done 4 job interviews, deal everyday with problems and yet you feel like the worst assignment of all is dealing with this person always staring at your back.

Now you have two choices; one of them is tell your boss about how you feel, all your frustrations, your feeling unhappy and sometimes not even wanting to go to work in the morning or the second one is trying to deal  it by yourself. Now, when I tried the first choice, I went to speak to my boss about it, I ended up crying like a stupid child in front of her and had to deal even with  explaining things and give my point of view  to my colleague’s accusations. It all seemed like being on  a trial, where I was  accusing someone about something ” I couldn’t prove”, but the worst was yet to come because you have to face the day after when everyone knows what happened (because obviously she told everyone how mean was I to take her to the boss’s office and complain). Suddenly, I feel a complete different person, I feel I am an alien, I am insecure, not able to deal with people, not confident, the world just doesn’t feel a good place anymore just because you feel everyone is staring at you in a different way. This is the moment when you ask yourself “Did I make the right choice?”

The difficult choice to face it all by yourself is  harder because you have in front of you her nasty face full of this anger that you can’t find the reason why, and have to stay as calm as possible to say the right things at the right moment and not ending up pulling her hair ( which I have always wanted to do). Well, listen whatever you decide to do , that will be the right choice because that was how you felt in that moment, and don’t worry if the others will judge you after this, it is You who matters as long as you always respect  who is surrounding you and  try your best to accomplish your duties everyday. That’s enough with these people trying to put obstacles in front of you just to grow their self-esteem, their  unhappiness cannot  be the cause of you loosing your confidence in life, because  all we want is wake up in the morning and SMILE.  “Smile to the world and the world will smile at you”- I love this quote so much if only some people could love it as much as I do.


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