I believe, I trust, I appreciate……

I feel like there is a magical and strong power surrounding the word “believe”, I don’t know why but it makes you feel so small in front of it. Believing into someone or something is taking part into something which is uncontrollable ( you can’t help yourself not deeply feeling it) and unknown to you  even though you think you  completely are a part of it. I deeply believe in my mum’s love I think she loves me unconditionally, she has made a lot of sacrifices, has had to accept things, suffer, restraint herself from doing things she liked, worked hard to ensure my future, gave me the most sincere advices, she is happy for me. She just loves me. I believe in her strong, yet fresh love as everyday she is ready to give more and more so that I am happy. I am deeply related to my mum, I am a reflection a her, we love the same movies, same perfumes, I love how she dresses. No one has ever made me so angry as she has in the past because I deeply knew, she was right. I have no doubt in the top of my list, my mum’s love  is the first one.

My second “strong believe” is believing in yourself. Now this is one of those things, you are never sure. Do I believe in myself or not? This one is a big question. I need to believe in myself, I can do wonderful little things and be proud of myself, I believe I will help someone in future and change his/her life. I believe I can make other people feel comfortable when I am around. I believe I can make people smile. I can learn a lot of languages and travel around the world and discover the different colours of everyday life. I have to believe in my capacities because I live and use them everyday but don’t appreciate as much as I should. I believe I should try to experience new sports, should read more. I need to believe on myself a bit more.

My third believe is trusting the moment you have been blessed with. That specific moment you are given in front of you, that once in a lifetime chance that sometimes we don’t really appreciate because believing is about  appreciating and trusting. Whether it is just a walk on the beach or a passed exam, a smile or even getting wet under the rain, you should believe that something extraordinary is happening: you are living that moment and it won’t came back. Respect the opportunities that life is giving to you, take a mental picture of every each of them and you will have a “big photo album” within your head. “Carpe diem” Catch the moment and make a big, nice bow around  so that when you look back at it will as “pretty as ever”.



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