When outside is cold….

Leek and potato Soup

Potato, carrot and leek soup

Whenever outside is cold, I feel like I want something to eat which will cuddle me with its consistency and warm hearted smell. This soup is my favourite healthy comfort food and never lets me down. I think it is because it reminds  me of my mum’s soup, she used to cook for me when I was a little girl. That odour had such a persuasive property that it feels like it will always be entrapped in me.

If you want make it, you will need:

1 medium-sized potato

1 medium-sized carrot

1 medium-sized leek






25 gr of Cheddar

(to make it creamier you can simply add 30 gr of rice or 20 gr of small size pasta or 15 gr of polenta or the simplest option grill some bread or make croutons)

On a boiling pan add the sliced vegetables the salt,oregano,dill,chives, paprika and let them boil together for about 35 minutes (checking when the potatoes are cooked). When everything is cooked, blend the vegetables with a blender, after that place the creamy texture again on the boiling pan and add the rice or pasta or polenta and let all cook for about 15 minutes. When all is cooked add the grated  cheddar and that’s it.

All you need to do after is add the soup in a bowl, take a warm blanket and watch a nice movie. ( who said you always  need junk food when watching a movie?) 🙂



  1. Hello alifemoment, I nominated you for Liebester Award 🙂 http://wp.me/p4mUn5-1U


    1. Thank you so much tomatoempire, for the nomination. Wow this is my first nomination for a price. I am so honoured to receive a nomination by such a cute blog which is all dedicated to the tomatoes! Thank you so much again. 🙂


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