After work: A quick healthy snack

Healthy snack

After a hard day from work, I usually am really hungry and due to this, I try really hard not to eat easy accessible junk food (like crisps or chocolate bars). What I usually do is, I take some of the fruits I have in the fridge and quite often add yogurt some lemon juice and honey. Easy, quick and your body will say “thank you” after.



  1. definitely a healthier choice 🙂 looks yum too.


    1. Thank you annie, and I like the fact that it is quick to make! 😃


  2. Looks really yummy. I’ll add this to my snack inventory. I’m trying to cut back on cookies lol


    1. Thank you V for the nice words, I eat it quite often after work but sometimes cookies are irresistible though 🙂


  3. Will definitely try this!!


    1. Thank you, girls who loves to cook, it is a really quick healthy snack! 🙂


  4. Super yummy! super!!

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    1. Aww thank you so much Ivette for the lovely comment. I really do appreciate!
      Best wishes,

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