English Vs Italian (Tea break), Let the battle begin!!!

English Vs Italian Tea time

What do you prefer during your tea break?

An English cup of tea with some biscuits or an Italian espresso coffee with a Sicilian Cannolo dessert?

Let the battle begin 🙂


  1. I guess I’m not very sophisticated, i just like a sweet iced tea. I’m not much on the hot teas.


    1. Lol mommyx4boys, the sweet iced tea is a nice option too ! 🙂


  2. foodessen · · Reply

    I think I would choose to take two breaks 🙂


    1. Lol, I like this ☺


  3. Both! English tea for morning break, espresso for afternoon break! 😊

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    1. Perfect choice! 😀mysimpledelights lol

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  4. I’ll choose good old English tea anytime – with a cannolo 🙂


  5. English breakfast tea with scones, strawberry jam and clotted cream please!


  6. vikingventures · · Reply

    Both! 😀


    1. The best choice! 🙂


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