Sweet Easter memories and the chocolate bunny!

Sweet Easter memories

There is no Easter for me without chocolate, chocolate eggs, or other unhealthy food you find in the groceries. I have always had an incredible amount of food during Easter but this specific year will be a bit different as me and my husband will be alone and will celebrate it alone. We are already feeling  “a bit” homesick. It is really hard when you move into another country when it comes to these family celebrations like this. You are bombarded on the TV by happy families advertisements happily celebrating Easter all together, on the streets you see children with their parents and grandparents holding hands, friends you call to celebrate together and aren’t available because obviously they celebrate with their families.

The last 3 days have been really hard for us, recalling every “insignificant”  moment, starting from the very special Easter breakfast (in Italy you would eat quite a large quantity of food just for breakfast) and ending with the “Pasquetta” the Little Easter on Monday. It is impressive the quantity of the odours, sensations and impressions that come to your mind. Ahh, it is hard, it is really hard especially when you receive photos from your family gathered all together having the dishes you know how delicious they are and you are far away (stupidly trying to reproduce those grandmas recipes which will never taste the right way).

It feels like I have never given those particular moments the real value until now but I guess no one will never do, we all appreciate what we don’t have anymore. Can I have time machine to turn back the time, please, just for 2 days?

At least, I could find the exact chocolate I used to eat when I was at my hometown! Yeahh


  1. Easter is here. No better way to celebrate it. Chocolates and chocolates. Good to know you found a chocolate that reminds you of your hometown. 🙂


    1. yes, always food reminds me to my sweet memories 🙂


      1. Brings you closer to your traditions and that authentic cooking 🙂

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      2. Yes indeed, nothing better than your proper traditional food! ☺


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