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Chocolate Molten Lava Cake – Valentine’s Day

Hello everyone, hope you had a nice week and managed to stay warm during these bitter cold days. I have struggled a lot with this weather especially while waiting for the bus to go to work. Anyway, it is soon going to be Valentine’s day (which is a perfect excuse to celebrate) and I was […]

Crème Caramel: recipe with no cream and no butter

Yesterday, I made for the first time one of the most classic dessert recipes, the Crème Caramel. I called my grandmother for some advice and she gave me her easy, fat-free and very delicious recipe. It is very interesting how an exquisite dessert like Crème Caramel needs just sugar,milk, eggs, water,vanilla extract  and salt  to […]

Banana and Cinnamon cake

Banana cake – Cheer yourself up with a cake!

Banana, cinnamon cake recipe Hello everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday, if not, don’t worry things will always get better, you  just have to be patient!