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Orange Detox Water

Detox Water: Part Three

Detox water – Orange and blueberries  Everyone has it own opinion about beauty. In fact beauty to me it is not only about appearance but it is also about loving and caring about your body from within because there is no point using make up on your face and completely neglect your nutrition. Whenever I make detox […]

Magical detox Water: Part Two

Detox water: Part Two

Detox water – Cucumber and lemon  This is an easy, cheap but very effective way of purifying your body from the unwanted toxins. The water is accompanied simply by lemons slices, cucumber and mint leaves.

Raspberry Detox Water

Detox water: Part one

Detox water – Pomegranate, Raspberries and Lemon  I have always been one of those people who really enjoy food, I try new recipes,  different cuisines but sometimes I go a bit too far with spices, food portions  or even eating unhealthy food and end up filling really uncomfortable in my “tummy” after.