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Weekly Photo Challenge: Between the 2 red and sweet strawberries

  Yesterday me and my husband went to a very big local farm where you can pick your own fruits and vegetables and then pay as you leave. It is basically a do it yourself  organic supermarket. 🙂 Since only a specific type of fruits were ready to pick we had the possibility to pick […]

Saturday Breakfast

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist – Saturday breakfast

This was our Saturday breakfast this morning and as I was attempting to take a photo of it, I pleasantly noticed the  twisted distortion of shades and shapes. It felt like the light wanted to be  in the limelight and not the food.  I think it is a very interesting protagonist rotation.

Spring for me/Spring for my husband

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

Spring is one of those seasons where everyone can give its own interpretation, in my family,  me and my husband have different opinions.

Pizza margherita

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

I was just about to start eating the whole pizza, but I couldn’t resist the first bite before taking the photo! Lol 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

 They seem normal clouds however……… The one on the top, actually is not a Cloud 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections while walking on the street

Walking on the street after the rain, I love the fresh air and the lovely little puddles where you can see a variety of reflections.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Ps. This post was written and created by my husband (it couldn’t have been me)! You know Italians and football.