3 casual continents on a dish

Salmon couscous

Salmon couscous with stir-fry vegetables

Since today it is Friday (my favourite day of the week by the way) we decided to cook something really different and interesting. As  enjoyed it a lot,  I thought why not share it with everyone. Whenever I don’t want to eat bread, rice or pasta, my first option is always the couscous. I have always enjoyed trying to re elaborate new simple flavours, ( in this specific recipe we mixed Arabian couscous with the stir-fried vegetables in Asian way accompanied by an Scandinavian salmon) this way even those few things left on your fridge will give you a lot of satisfaction.

For this recipe for 2 persons you will need:

300 gr of fresh fillet salmon

125 gr of couscous

1 Red pepper

1 Courgette

1 Carrot

20 gr of frozen peas

20 gr of green peas

3  leaves of cabbage

Olive oil

Soya sauce

Black pepper


Now let’s get to the fun part:

First you cook the couscous by putting it on a sauce pan or bowl, throw 100 gr of boiling water, some salt, a drop of oil cover it with a lead to let the couscous absorb the water and be cooked. After about 7 minutes take a fork and mix the couscous really well to get the right consistency.

Meanwhile cut the vegetables (all of them should have the same size and shape so they will cook evenly), then cook all the vegetables with 2 tablespoon of olive oil , 1 tablespoon of soya sauce on a frying pan for about 10 minutes on the maximum heat stirring the vegetables very gently. Once they are cooked turn the heat  off and add the salt and black pepper and let all the ingredients rest for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile cook the salmon on a frying pan  for just 5 minutes on both sides with just a bit of olive oil and salt on a maximum heat. Once the salmon is cooked, add the couscous to the vegetables and that’s it.

Please tell me if you enjoyed this type of recipe or even if you have some ideas to suggest! 🙂

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