Seafood Pasta (Linguine) with a touch of chili

Seafood Pasta

This is what we had yesterday for dinner, seafood pasta linguine with a “touch” of chili. This dish is perfect if you want to impress your loved one, friends or even if you are brave enough to cook on your first date. I love the variety of the colours and the impressive  flavour the seafood,parsley and pasta produce, once you put everything on the plate it makes you feel proud of yourself because  it very easy to make.

For this recipe you will need:

230g frozen seafood (no shells it will make your life easier 🙂 )

200g linguine pasta

1 fresh hot chilli (red small size but whatever local fresh chili is ok)

1/2 glass of white dry wine

5 cherry tomatoes


2 cloves of garlic


olive oil

Put your apron on and get ready to “create”:

Take a medium-sized frying pan put it on a medium heat, put 2 tablespoon of olive oil and the sliced garlic and let it cook until nice and golden. After that, add the sliced tomatoes and seafood let them cook for  about 5 min, then add a bit of salt (remember seafood might be a bit salty) and the chopped chili, mix all together and after add the wine.

At this point you should have on the frying pan, the oil,garlic,tomatoes,seafood,salt,chili and wine let  them cook all together for 1 minutes and after that put the lead on and let everything cook  for about 3 minutes. Afterwards, turn the heat off, add the parsley and put the lead on again (but no heat now) and let everything rest.

Meanwhile, put a boiling pot  with 2 liters and  1 tablespoon of salt on maximum heat bring to boil, then add the pasta and let it cook for 9 minutes (for perfect al dente pasta result). After draining the pasta transfer it to the frying pan add 1 tea-spoon of olive oil and mix altogether for 1 min and you are done.

Enjoy and let me know if you liked the recipe! 🙂



  1. Now that looks like a treat. It’s loaded with seafood like linguine pescatore and it’s kicked up like shrimp fra diavolo minus the red sauce.

    I love pasta garlicked up and tossed in olive oil. I’ve basically done a budget version with canned tuna. If it’s good with canned tuna, it’s got to be great with the whole ocean on your plate.


    1. Thank you for the nice comment, you clearly know a lot about pasta. I think cooking pasta is good because it is versatile, there are so many ways you can cook it and so many flavour combinations. 🙂


      1. I forgot to mention when you are adding wine and such, you can add a half cup of clam juice and reduce. It’s delicious.


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    I Love it 🙂


  3. I love linguine with seafood! To get even more seafood flavor, I like to buy fresh vongole and mussels in their shells as well as fresh gamberoni, and then use the liquid released by the vongole and mussels as well as a simple stock from the shells and heads of the gamberoni for the sauce. Magical!


    1. Yes the sauce coming from the food shell is absolutely delicious. You are lucky to be able to find the fresh vongole and mussels, because the sauce they release is wonderful. I particularly like the mussel soup (impepata di cozze)-in italian. 🙂


      1. Non ho mai assaggiato l’impepata di cozze. Adesso le cozze non sono in stagione, però la farò in autonno.
        La fai con o senza pomodoro?


      2. Senza pomodoro, uso solo le cozze,pepper nero, un goccio di vino bianco, 2 spicchi d’aglio (optional)e prezzemolo. Le cozze lasceranno la loro acqua e lo cucino per massimo 10 minuti. Se vuoi puoi aggiungere anche peperoncino fresco. 🙂


      3. Grazie 🙂
        Ho messo la tua ricetta nel “coming soon” del mio blog per non dimenticare di farla quando le cozze saranno in stagione.


      4. Grazie mille Stefan, sono sicura che ti piacerà! La ricetta ha pocchi ingredienti è semplice da fare ed è molto buona!
        Grazie ancora!
        Cordiali Saluti,


      5. Mi sembra che “pocchi ingredienti, semplice da fare e molto buona” è un bel descrizione della cucina italiana 🙂
        Grazie a te, Alice


  4. […] it sure is a delicious way of preparing mussels and so I’m sharing it with you anyway. It was Alice of the blog A life moment who pointed out the existence of this recipe to me when we were talking about seafood pasta. […]


    1. Wow your mussels’ recipe looks amazing, very well done to you , beautiful photography! 🙂
      Best wishes,


  5. I have made a recipe similar to this from Gennaro Contaldo and it always goes down a treat. As soon as we are back in the UK I will be trying yours 🙂


    1. Thank you very much Phil,
      For us, Seafood linguine is a kind af treat too, we love it.
      My husband loves south italian food and this dish is always special for us 🙂

      Thanks a lot for stopping by,
      Best wishes,


  6. […] The preparation is very easy and the results are heavenly. I highly recommend preparing this seafood recipe for a special dinner party as it is perfect to share with friends or your loved […]


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